Goal: The goal of Kidscope, Inc. is to serve children from birth to age 18 and their family members who are victims of physical and sexual abuse and neglect in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We also serve children who are experiencing anger management issues, juvenile delinquency, and other challanges in their formative years. We provide free crisis intervention, individual, group, and family counseling, case coordination and tracking, medical services, referrals, support and preparation for the court systems, whenever needed. Features: * A place where children and families recieve comprehensive services for child abuse; a place where children are listened to, respected, and can disclose the detals of their abuse only once in an effort to avoid re-victimization * Provides services at no charge to residents of St. Thomas and St. John * Brings together a multidisciplinary team (MDT) of professionals * Provides professional education for members of the MDT * Provides community awareness and prevention programs at no cost to groups and orginizations to help bring about awareness and reduce the incidence of child abuse * Intervention * Counseling * Mediating with family members * Advisement on parenting * Sustaining networks of support for families * Coordination of interdisciplinary team providing indivual and community education * Advocating in court and community * Facilitation of on-going groups for adolescents, teenage girls and young women

Our goal and objectives have been and will continue to be to reduce the effects of traumatic life events in the children that we serve. We continue to use a variety of modalities in the counseling techniques and therapeutic interventions that we utilize to encourage healing as well as healthy, positive and stable lifestyle. Since the inception of Kidscope we have worked diligently and carefully to create healing in the lives of children and families, as well as provide public awareness and education within all facets of our community to improve and help bring stability and clarity to the lives of the children we serve and their families.

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