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Q: How does Kidscope work?
A: Kidscope brings together a multi-disciplinary team to one child friendly enviroment. The multi-disciplinary team (MDT) includes the Department of Human Services, the VI Police Department (juvenile & investigation), the Office of the Attorney General and a specially trained pediatrician. We also work with the courts when there are criminal charges against the perpetrator. Other agencies are utilized when the needs of a child and family require them.
Children who have been abused or sexually molested need a lot of patience and understanding. They don't need to tell their story over and over to many different agencies. While these agencies are trying to do their job, the focus is on getting the information they need.
At Kidscope, we focus on getting what the child needs. The difference with Kidscope is that all those same agencies work with us as a team to reduce trauma to the child victim. We come together at one location to assess the incident, interview the child and family, and make a plan for providing services to the child and family.

Q: What happens then?
A: Kidscope then tracks the case and follows up to make sure that it does not "fall through the cracks". We also offer counseling, support, mental health evaluations, and referals to other services as needed.

Q: What about court?
A: If criminal charges are filed by the Attorney General, we work closely with the court, the child, and the non-offending family members, to support the case with good evidence. We also help the child and family so they understand each step of the court process and we keep them informed of all the progress of the case.

Q: How much does it cost to go to Kidscope?
A: We do not charge for any of our services. We do accept donations but no payment is ever required. Kidscope is funded through a variety of grants, donations, and fund raising events. Kidscope is a private nonprofit (501c3) children advocacy agency.

Q: What should a child know before coming to Kidscope?
A: They should know it is a safe place for children who say they have been hurt, to tell what happened to them. They should know that the people at Kidscope are here to help them and that other children have come to Kidscope to talk as well. At Kidscope, our commitment is to helping children obtain justice and to help them heal from the hurt that has been inficted upon them. We work with families to bring a sense of wellness to the entire family by initiating therapuetic intervention to assist with open communication, recognizing and resolving of family issues and assisting in becoming healthy.

Q: How can I help?
A: If you know or suspect a child is being abused, call the Department of Human Services at (340)774-0930 or the VI Police Department at 911 or (340)774-4000. They will conduct an investigation to determine if action needs to be taken. You do not have to identify yourself in any way. You may be saving a childs life!
You can also call Kidscope, Inc. at (340)714-1012. We will get details from you and then call Human Services. If a child in your family has been abused or sexually molested, Kidscope, Inc. can provide services to that child and to any non-offending family member who may need it. We can connect you to many different community resources to assist the family to heal.

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